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I had to get used to new HVAC preferences because of our new baby

Ever since I have had a baby, my HVAC preferences have had to change.

I have always grown up in a house that is very chilly.

My parents loved using the air conditioner in the summer, and as an adult, I still like to use the air conditioner in the summer. However, I use the air conditioner to make my house downright chilly. In order to pay for this use of the air conditioner, I usually don’t use the heating system as much. By turning the heating system down, I save money that I can use later. I have found that keeping the temperatures chilly in my house has come with a lot of benefits. For instance, I am able to sleep a lot better with the air conditioner running, even during the winter. I also am always comfortable. When I met my wife, I was pleased to find out that she was willing to let me adjust the HVAC units to my preferences. She may have not liked the chilly temperatures, but she was willing to dress warmer so that I could be comfortable. Sadly, when we had our baby, I learned quickly that my baby was not nearly as excited about the chilly temperatures. Our baby was born in the winter when I usually try to avoid using my heating system so much. However, he sleeps in our room, and he can’t sleep with the chilly temperatures. Ever since having a kid, I have had to use the heating system a lot more. At first, I couldn’t sleep because of how hot it was, but I think that I am growing used to it. I don’t mind sacrificing my HVAC units for my baby’s comfort.
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