I hate needing a space heater for my house

I wish that I didn’t need a space heater at my house.

I have a space heater in my living to help keep the house warm.

The furnace that we have in our house is probably older than my dad, and the furnace doesn’t keep the living room very warm. Since nobody wants to be cold in the living room, we have a nice fireplace space heater that keeps the room toasty while we are in there. We don’t have the money to replace the furnace yet, but when we do, I will immediately call the HVAC technician. I will also immediately get rid of the space heater in our house. It isn’t that I am against having a space heater for the reasons that they are needed, but I don’t trust space heaters. I have heard way too many stories of houses burning down because of broken space heaters. I have also had to replace the receptacle that the space heater is plugged into because it melts all of the time. Space heaters are not safe when they are turned on high, and this heating system can’t be left running while you are away from home. Even though the heating system keeps my living room warm, it isn’t worth the inconvenience of having to keep it off when I am not home, and the heating system is also not worth having to worry about my house catching on fire. Also, these space heaters cost a lot of money to use since electrical heating is very inefficient. I can’t wait to throw it away.


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