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I was surprised that there was no temperature control in the place

I was looking at various apartments with my son, who was getting prepared to move out on his own.

I was actually extremely worried that he would be cheated as well as not get an enjoyable deal.

I wanted to be able to go over the lease as well as look at any other charges they may throw at him, apart from the rent. The single recurring expense that I kept noticing, was for the upgradement of the temperature control if it was actually broken. There was also an article that was explaining they were responsible for their air conditioner appliance. I thought this meant that he was responsible for the additional cost of the air conditioner since it was more high-priced as well as not as crucial as heating. I was doing a walk-around in the apartment, as well as I easily noticed that there wasn’t a temperature control anywhere in the apartment. This meant that all of the apartments got their heating from a central temperature control. The temperature control was actually regulated by the superintendent of the building. I certainly knew how my son was with his not liking it to be overly warm in the dwelling. If this was someone who liked it warmer than most, he was going to be truly upset. I walked out of the apartment as well as I started to tell him that this particular apartment was not an excellent fit for him when I heard he was already talking to the super. He politely told him thank you for showing him the apartment, however because of the lack of air conditioner as well as there not being any temperature control he would have to decline the apartment. I was never as proud of his as I was at that actual moment.


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