I wish that we had an air conditioner again

Not everything good can last. Apparently, that includes our air conditioner. When I was very young, we never had an air conditioner. We would spend hours playing outside without every wishing that we had an air conditioner in our house to keep us cool. Why would we care if there was an air conditioner in the house? It wasn’t like we were going to get much use out of the air conditioner. If we stayed inside, then we wouldn’t be able to play outside where we had so many adventures. However, one day, my parents decided to purchase an air conditioner for the living room. As kids, we were very excited to experience something new. We never had an air conditioner before, so we wanted to check it out. After a while, my parents began to realize that we enjoyed the air conditioner way too much. They tried forcing us to play outside, but we only wanted to stay in the living room where there was an air conditioner. Eventually, they caved, and we spent most of our time inside. A few years passed, and we began to notice that the air conditioner wasn’t running as smoothly as it was in the past, and we were worried that it would stop working. Finances were tight in our house, and we didn’t think that my parents would be able to afford a new air conditioner. Well, we were right. The air conditioner stopped working, and now, we are miserable. It is too hot outside to have fun, and it is too hot inside. I wish that we had another air conditioner. I don’t have the energy to do anything.

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