Me and my bestie back when

I have some undoubtedly fond memories of myself and others and our bestie from back when.

This week she is our wife, however back when the people I was with and I first met and were dating each other the people I was with and I did some entirely awesome things, however one memory that stands strong is how the people I was with and I typically used to go for late night drives in the Summer with the air conditioning in the vehicle blowing and the windows rolled down, however all of us would drive by the beach where the air quality from the ocean was entirely great, especially in the late night hours.

Then the people I was with and I would have the air conditioner in the vehicle running on the low setting because it added to the essence of the good air quality. The air conditioning I used to have in our aged vehicle was entirely crisp and clean. As a matter of fact I never had air conditioning in another vehicle enjoy this before. And to guess that this was over 40 years ago when heating and A/C technology wasn’t what it was today! I will never forget grabbing a bite to eat at the all night diner and then going for that late night drive to the beach with the air conditioner and natural air quality blowing in the windows. This is a good memory the people I was with and I both share today and occasionally the people I was with and I will go down the shore to repeat and relive this in our aged age here in the Summer weeks. The air conditioner in our vehicle today is nice, however it is nothing enjoy the air conditioning the people I was with and I had back then for some reason!


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