My air conditioner might be haunted

People think I’m crazy, and maybe I am. But I swear in my last house that my air conditioner was haunted! I don’t usually tell people this because again, they’ll think I’m crazy, but my haunted AC and a few other things happened and I decided to move. I had moved in early spring last year, and for the first few months things were good. I brought along my transportable a/c system, to keep my bedroom cool so I could sleep at night. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, and noticed my little air conditioning was gone. I figured that I must have forgotten to take it in with me, and I dragged it back in my bedroom. I placed the cooling device back on my nightstand, and went to sleep. Later on, the same thing happened except the cooling system was now under my bed! I was beginning to get freaked out, as I live alone and my friends and family aren’t the pranking type. I also started hearing footsteps right outside my bedroom and having the feeling of being watched. I started carrying a baseball bat out of fear for my safety. The final straw was one of my favorite dolls I had as a child. I still hadn’t finishing unboxing all of the stuff in my bedroom. My doll box was still downstairs, because I hadn’t unpacked it yet. One night I woke up only to have something directly in my face. It was the doll, sitting on top of the cooling machine, in my face, on my bed. I screamed and ran out of the house. I only returned to pack my stuff and never looked back.


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