My dog nearly destroyed my new air conditioner!

Recently I have been experimenting with different types of air conditioning systems.

Obviously, I don’t have enough money to buy them all, so I went to different family member’s houses to see how cool or warm their house was.

I really haven’t seen any I liked, so I eventually settled for a transportable AC. At least I could move it around the house when I please. So when I brought home this new item, my dog had to take interest. Most dogs aren’t generally that curious, but my dog was. Anything new must be sniffed and approved by her first. She gave a few sniff before leaving it, so I assumed she was uninterested. I watched my dog disappear into the backyard through her doggy door. I work at home, so I placed the a/c system next to my desk while I worked. I had to make a quick errand, and when I came back my dog was in one of those energetic moods and that’s when time slowed down. I saw my dog look at my air conditioning, and I could see it in her eyes, she saw a new toy. In practical slow motion, she managed to get a grip on the cooling system and dragged it through the doggy door while I rushed to stop her. I realized with terror she was dragging the a/c device right towards a puddle of water! She was not only going to mess it the very expensive system, but probably electrocute herself in the process! Like a baseball player diving to touch base, I dove in and grabbed her rump at the last second, mere inches from the puddle. Disaster avoided.


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