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My house director says she doesn’t repair AC units

When I got into our current apartment, I couldn’t believe how nice it was considering how cheap the rent was.

I turned the temperature control to seventy plus I took a cold shower before lying on the bed to take a nap. When I awoke, I picked up the lease to read through so I knew what all of the conditions of the rental were. I was kind of taken aback when the one article read that the house director does not fix air conditioning units. I took this to mean that they either have an Heating plus A/C tech in home or they had an Heating plus A/C company that worked with the house management dealer. I read the rest of the lease plus I headed to work. I loved our current job plus I was really ecstatic that I had taken this current position. I had been laboring for about a month when I noticed there was a problem with the Heating plus A/C idea in our apartment. I had left the house that was seventy-two degrees plus it was up to eighty-more than four when I got home. I knew what the lease said about the house director not laboring on air conditioning units, however I just wanted to suppose who to call. Unfortunately, the first thing she said when I mentioned the air conditioning was that it was not her job. I asked him who to call plus she told me she didn’t care plus hung up on me. I had to call the house management company so I could find out which Heating plus A/C company I should call.
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