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Proud to serve the community, especially for HVAC related services

I’m not the biggest fan of speaking in front of large audiences, but I was able to do it the other day.

  • I was actually asked to speak at this event were people were talking about helping one another out in the community.

I was supposed to speak about HVAC maintenance and how volunteers could go around and help people who were struggling financially with their heating and cooling systems. Of course, we didn’t have a lot of HVAC technicians available as volunteers, but we do have a few who are excellent in helping the volunteers do the work. So I spoke at this event informing all the people of the things we could do for the community like changing air filters, cleaning out A/C condenser units, and also cleaning the inner workings of the HVAC equipment. Of course we couldn’t do the heavy lifting like providing the HVAC tune-ups or fixing refrigerant leaks and supplying new coolant to the cooling systems. It was great to tell all the people about how we were helping out in the community and we actually got a lot of new volunteers to help us out. We don’t actually ask for money, we are a non-profit organization. We’re only about helping each other out in the community. We’re always seeking new volunteers, especially with our bigger projects like working on HVAC units for people who just can’t afford to call the professionals for help. We also help people with painting jobs for indoors or even outdoors with fence painting or staining. People always appreciate the help we provide and we are proud to serve the community.

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