The downfall of my first RC plane

My friends were pretty impressed, and I was myself.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a fascination for building. Whether it be Legos or building blocks or really anything else. I’ve always loved building. This passion only grew as I got older, and my simple building techniques became more complicated. After my 16th birthday, my dad got me an RC plane. I quickly fell in love with it, and wanted to start building my own. Online videos and tutorials didn’t help that much. So I took apart my beloved plane to see how it worked. It took me awhile to take it apart and put it back together again, but I eventually began to get the basics. I started buying the needed materials and building my own. It flew pretty good, but I knew I could do better. I kept buying better supplies to upgrade it even more. I built my first one a year after I got my first RC plane, and I painted it purple and black. I took it out in my yard to show my friends how it flew. While I could fly my little planes fairly good, I started getting a bit too cocky and made my planes do obstacles mid air. My friends were pretty impressed, and I was myself. I made my little plane spin around mid air, and then curve around the air conditioner, this is where my mistake happened. The wing of the plane caught in the a/c security cage at the top and spun itself into the cooling system, being shredded to pieces and created a huge mess for us to clean up. My parents were incredibly pissed at the possibility that I could have destroyed the a/c system, and I wasn’t so cocky after that. That the downfall of my first RC plane.

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