The HVAC technician had to come to my house to fix our HVAC unit after someone messed it all up

That is the last time that I allow someone to help fix my furnace who is not an HVAC technician.

It all started with an ugly sweater party at my house.

It was the holiday season, and we wanted to invite some friends over to celebrate. We all started playing games and drinking, but at some point throughout the evening, the furnace in our house stopped working. Without a working furnace, we all knew that we were in trouble. We had our ugly sweaters on to keep us warm, but our furnace would need to be working soon in order to stay warm and to prevent our pipes from freezing. I was about to call an HVAC technician when one of my friends offered to fix the heating system for us. Apparently, this guy used to work for an HVAC company before, and he said that he knew some stuff about fixing HVAC units. What he didn’t mention was that he was only a helper in the HVAC company, and he wasn’t qualified to actually repair HVAC units. After a few hours of him taking apart the heating system, I realized that he was causing a ton of damage and messing things up. It must have been the drunken pride in his heart that refused to let him admit that he couldn’t figure out how to fix the heating system. When I called the HVAC technician, he told me that I would have saved a ton of money if I wouldn’t have asked my friend to help. He made so much of a mess of the heating system that it would cost a fortune to replace the broken parts.
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