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The road trip went quite well

Road trips.

Some people love them and others hate them.

I have always been the former. I love the whole experience of packing your bags and throwing everything into the back of your car and preparing to set up on what will be a new adventure. There is so much to see and do. My favorite types of road trips are the long distance type. The kind where you travel across several state lines. I enjoy seeing all the different types of landscapes. The big cities, the small towns, the countryside, and the middle of nowhere. In my opinion, the journey was sometimes more fun than arriving at the destination. I loved sleeping in hotels and being in a new place. When you travel a lot, you stay in many different kinds of hotels. I have trouble sleeping in hotels often times because the cooling and heating in hotels is usually too hot or too cold. The only thing that was worse was when the HVAC didn’t work it all and was in need of repair. Too many nights I would spend wrapped up in blankets battling the cold air from the air conditioner. Thankfully, I did have family that had an opposite problem. My sister often times would get hot easily and while I wanted air conditioning turned off and would have much rather enjoyed the warm heat from the heater, she wanted the air left on so she could cool down. In those types of situations when sleeping in a hotel, she would sleep on the side of the bed in front of the air conditioner. Where as I would sleep on the opposite warmer side. In the end, it all worked out and we were able to continue our road trip peacefully, taking in the views and scenery.


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