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There are two type of people in this world

There are two types of people in this world.

The type that love to go out every night and the type that would rather stay home and only go out occasionally.

I fall into the second group. What could possibly be more enjoyable than sitting down and enjoying a nice meal? When considering a restaurant, think of something you wouldn’t normally consider. Such as the environment. If it is a hot day, you want a restaurant with cool air so you can wind down and relax. If it is cold out, go somewhere with a furnace for a warm and cozy environment. Everything needs to be right. You need nice scenery, soothing music, kind helpful staff, and most importantly you need good food. Most of the restaurants I have went to have provided me with an enjoyable experience that would make me want to come back again in the near future. However there was one time I went to a restaurant and the experience was less than enjoyable. It wasn’t the food but the temperature in the room. It was very cold. Whoever was in control of HVAC unit must have really enjoyed cool air. But because I was in a public place and I had no control over the heating or cooling in the building, turning the air conditioning off wasn’t an option. I opted for a jacket instead. The cool air was making me cold quickly and it didn’t help that I just ate some ice cream which only made the cool air feel colder. In most cases the fact that we are lucky enough to have an air conditioner was something to be thankful for but in the moment all I wanted was to shut the air off. The restaurant had good food despite the cooler temperature inside.


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