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This HVAC system might cause our company to go into bankruptcy

Our store was running well. We were making a lot of money. Sure, we were just in our beginning phases of owning our own business, but we were dreaming big. That was until we had this huge problem. Now, it looks like we are going to have to close our doors so soon after opening. It all started with the furnace. I made the mistake of purchasing our property for our business rather than renting it. Our property came with a furnace that seemed like it still had some life in it, but I should have checked with an HVAC technician. However, there is a lot of money involved in starting a business and having an HVAC technician inspect my furnace seemed like a nonessential thing. Once we moved in, we poured almost all of our money into advertising and inventory, and we have slowly been making a profit. However, when our furnace stopped working, we began to panic. Normally, a smaller furnace doesn’t cost a lot of money, but we are a larger store, and our heating system was going to cost $20,000. In a year or two, this would have been no issue, but we cannot afford a heating system right now. Unless a miracle happens, this furnace problem might end up bankrupting us. If I would have rented the property, the manager would have been in charge of fixing the heating system. If I would have just called an HVAC technician in the first place, they would have told me to avoid this building like the plague. Now, the furnace is teaching me that I have to face the consequences of my poor choices.

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