Trying new natural remedies

Lately, I unfortunately was diagnosed with a deadly disease, and I am at my wit’s end.

  • I tried all of the medications the doctor prescribed me, I probably have taken at least 12 medications.

It’s crazy! I was seriously beginning to wonder at this point what I was putting in my body, and reading the back of the bottle made my head spin. I knew my grandmother loved natural remedies and commonly used them to treat minor illnesses and scratches. Even though I knew that natural remedies probably wouldn’t make my disease go away, there was still a flicker of hope that maybe I was wrong. I visited my grandmother later in the day and told her about my predicament. She emphasized and started looking in her books for the “perfect cure”. I was still very much disbelieving that she would find anything, but I might as well try and find out. She eventually found something and started brewing away. While she did that, I explored around her house a bit, I noticed that her furnace was covered in a layer of dust, and didn’t seem to be working. When I brought it up to her, she replied that it had been like that for awhile. I felt bad for her and kept that in mind. She then gave me the natural remedy soup. To my surprise, it actually reduced my symptoms. Although it didn’t actually cure the disease, it did make me feel almost back to normal. I was incredibly thankful, and as a gift I paid for an HVAC contractor to come see her home and repair her heating system. I also made sure that her air conditioner was in good condition as well, so she wouldn’t be overly hot.

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