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Using oven to keep me warm

For awhile in the past, I had to go old fashioned and heat up the oven to keep myself warm in the cold of winter.

I didn’t have a gas or oil fireplace and my heat pump refused to work, so I resorted to using the only other method of heat I knew, the oven.

Even though it fairly annoying to constantly heat up the oven just so I could warm up, it worked pretty well so I guess I couldn’t complain too much. It could be much worse, I could have no source of heating at all. I started using the time of heating up the oven for making delicious foods. Like pizza rolls. Deliciously hot food also helped warm me up, just like how ice cream would cool you on hot days. I kept doing this for about a week straight, and even though I am used to dealing with the furnace now, I still find it annoying to do overall. I really started wishing that my heater was working, I started considering my options of asking for a loan from a family member. I really dislike owing people, but in this case, I think it was necessary. I asked my rich aunt, if I could possibly borrow money from her, and she happily lent the amount to me. I proceeded to call an HVAC tech and have a brand new furnace installed. Although I liked my original heat pump, it seemed continuously unreliable and would break down often, I just accepted this as normal and forgot about. I was amazed at the difference that the heating machine made! My house was completely warm in only thirty minutes!


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