We added a duct into one of the bedrooms we built in the basement

For some reason, the person who installed the heating system in our house didn’t attach any of the heating ducts in the basement when they first built it.

  • Our basement has always been freezing cold, but we have learned to get used to it.

For a long time, my dad used the basement as a workshop during the winter, meaning that he could just use a space heater to stay warm if it was necessary. However, my parents had another baby, which meant that one of the teenagers would need his own room. My dad built a bedroom in the basement, but he knew that he needed to find a heating system for this room. At first, the only thing that he had for the heating system was a few space heaters, but this became very expensive. Finally, my dad decided to tie that bedroom into the ducts so that he could get heat from the main heating system. He used a flexible duct for the room, and he managed to attach it properly. Sadly, since there are so many rooms for the heating system to heat up, this bedroom doesn’t stay as warm as the rest of the house. However, my brother doesn’t mind, because it definitely is better than not having a heating system at all. He still uses one space heater in the room to stay a little warmer, and he has never complained. I just think that he is happy to have his own room, regardless of the heating system problems. Privacy has always been something that is very important to him.


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