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We went to the movie theatre for the A/C but ended up on a date

For years, I always felt bummed out that all my friends seemed to have somebody special in their life except for me.

That was until I ended up meeting a great guy in a rather unusual place.

I actually decided to go to a matinee just out of the blue because I was entirely bored. I also wanted to enjoy the comfort of the heavy A/C they use at the movie theatre. When I got to the theatre, it was pretty much empty as it typically is in the mid day. Most people go to the movies during the evening hours to watch the good flix. Well, it seemed to be just me and this other guy in the movie theatre. I ended up going up to him and asked if he minded if I sat next to him. He was really handsome and I thought it was a great time to make a move, can you blame me? He had a wonderful smile and he was perfectly okay with me sitting by him. He ended up admitting that he only came to the movie theatre to enjoy the air conditioning. He asked me out to dinner after the movie was over. We actually really enjoyed that movie, and there was some kind of spark between the two of us like we were supposed to meet that day at the movies. We ended up going to a really nice restaurant and he even paid for everything, so it was likeā€¦ our second date; the movie theatre kind of being the first! We both appreciated the excellent air quality and temperature control at the restaurant and it was fabulous. I love not being lonely anymore.

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