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Living with no a/c at all

My mother left for America in her early 20s from tropical island, plus subsequently met my father in the north.

It was during my teens that my family trip to the island which I was not undoubtedly familiar with at the time.

The island had hot temperatures all year around. Staying at my aunt’s location, the home where my mother grew up, I assumed they would have quality cooling to deal with the high temps. But no, they had 1 air conditioning for a multiple story new home plus a few fans; 1 portable fan plus several on the ceilings. I don’t realize these areas are formally used to the Heating & A/C devices both of us experience on a usual basis in first world countries. I remember my mom telling her extended family about our central cooling, which they only know from being in stores plus other commercial shopping centers. To them, this is a very lavish item and for people with a high income. A big amount of the population doesn’t have access to cooling at all, which even includes refrigerators plus basic electricity in some cases. Restricted energy access prevents the houses from owning air conditioning which leads to a greater issue of health resources overall. For example, they can’t have produce or other frozen food without proper cooling conditions needed for their storage expectancy. The fact is, they just need to have everything fresh or canned. How weird is that? How weird is it that they did not get what a/c was?


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