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My husband wasn’t happy with my coercion.

I didn’t think it should be so difficult to convince my husband that we needed to have our furnace replaced.

The furnace was running more often now, but it was cooler in the house.

There were drafts in the house that had never been there before. I knew my husband was aware of the problem with the furnace, but he had a tendency to ignore anything that was going to cost him money. When we were younger, I would have nagged him into getting the furnace replaced, but not anymore. I realized many years ago, that if you nagged him he ignored you. The best thing was to find constructive ways to let him know I had a need. I spent a couple days trying to figure out how I was going to be able to convince him that we needed to have the furnace replaced. Other than myself, the thing he loved the most in our house, was our cat. Lately she had been sleeping on the air vent to get some warmth. When I saw her hair flying through the air, I knew we had a situation that needed to be rectified. I went out shopping and I bought several winter outfits for our cat. The first outfit was an adorable sweater suit with matching hat and paw gloves. He rolled his eyes when she curled up in his lap. I explained that she was cold and needed some way to keep warm. I think that kicker was the sweatsuit emblazoned with cartoon men snoring, that had him. He said the cat looked ridiculous. I agreed, but it also made him realize I was serious about a new heating system.


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