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The warehouse HVAC unit

Like most people, I have worked a number of odd jobs and therefore have been used to diverse working environments.

I have been in commercial buildings, rental spaces from a building complex, plus most recently to a warehouse.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway; the warehouse was by far the greatest working space I’ve ever been a part of; Lots of employees, plenty of operating machinery, crates, lifts, plus overall airflow due to the high volume of HVAC production. Looking up towards the ceiling, I saw the HVAC ducts run with the initials, RTU stamped on them. I learned from another associate that this stood for a rooftop HVAC unit. It is a giant heating and cooling device. It combines a cooling tower and boiler system. Based on the building’s size and space accumulation, it is the most superior choice for versatility plus energy efficiency. The most interesting thing is that the buildings all share the same water circuit. The boiler and the cooling tower learn how to fluctuate the load of heating or cooling dispensed which allows the two to balance out. With temperatures mostly wet like throughout the year, it makes sense that the cooling tower would offset the boiler’s heat changes most of the year. This warehouse stores all types of commodities, including packaged dry foods to refrigerated items and freezer goods. So keeping the proper temperature settings is key. We need quality heating and air for the workers as well. More productive staff members means money savings.

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