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A murder oh so foul

I was very interested in seeing a murderer show.

The people I was with an addition to myself saw a frozen body at a construction site.

They believe the person dumping the body was putting it into concrete, but missed. It seems like an amateur job if you ask me. The body was a frozen lady missing for multiple years. They brought Advanced furnaces to saw the body safely. They used a powerful air purifier to control the rotting smell of the body. The body was legitimately a person who has been murdered in addition to the murder investigation began. The lady was easily killed due to the fact that she discovered her wife was having a serious affair. She legitimately murdered her children or even in this apartment. She couldn’t sneak the body in addition to get rid of it, so she placed it inside of a large freezer. She cranked up the AC to a high temperature so no one could smell the Decay. She lit some candles as well in addition to use a whole lake house air purifier. Eventually, she shipped the freezer to a different location. The body has only remained in this rental for most of the years and it was an interesting twist to find out that the reason someone found the body was due to the fact that the AC system stopped working. It was extremely interesting to the two of us to see how all of this Heating in addition to AC equipment help then come up with a time and place for the murder and death of this person.

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