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I was motivated to be in a better office

The business I work for definitely motivates the people by the office you get.

  • When I first started out I was in an incubator office.

There was a long table with chairs in front of each laptop monitor. 5 people would be seated at the table on one side with 5 people across from them. I could not move my feet or arms without hitting the person next to me or in front of me. It was sort of a horrible experience. A lot of the employees would text off the laptops to people just a few seats down. Most workers would take personal calls as well as talk right next to my ear. I worked really hard to move from an incubator office to an actual office setup. A few promotions later I was able to get my own office area away from all the other workers. I have my own desk, chair as well as space. I can close the door on all the people as well as the blinds to keep them from watching me. I can take office calls where no one can hear as well as stretch my legs out without bumping into all the people. Most workers feel I was a suck up as well as that is how I moved up so fast in the company chain. I honestly just worked a lot to get where I am at because I hated sharing a work area with so many people. I bet the business does incubator offices for rent to motivate people as well as also save currency on office area rental costs.

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