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Looking at an office rental since we both work from home

My job is totally online oriented as well as due to this, I can work from home.

  • The snag is that my husband Bob also has an online job as well as works at the house.

You would think it would not be an issue for us. Bob and I each have our own separate rooms as well as can work in peace. Bob just can’t seem to handle it. He likes barging in my room to chat with me about his work day and interrupt mine. He also expects me to make him lunch while I make my own. He also takes a ton of work calls during the afternoon as well as hearing him talk gets me not working as productive. I have been thinking about renting an office space. I looked online for office space for rent in Northland as well as found a lot of choices. I can get a little office area for a low cost. The commercial office rental business has a whole line of places to rent on a giant plot of property. You can just spend a little money for rent on one room for as long as you want. I know I am going to do this for my job from now on. The office rental is only about 7 minutes away from my home. I can simply get up, pack a meal as well as work a few hours in the office. I can even leave the computer, charger as well as papers all in the rental. I can even do the job in PJs or work out clothing if I want.

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