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Some companies offer interest-free monthly payment plans, even for audio equipment

It can be hard to navigate life in the developed world without good credit.

When I finished college and was working as a part time news reporter, I had fairly decent credit. It was just over 700 and I had a lot of pride having good credit at 22 years old. I was frugal and made sure to not spend money I knew I couldn’t payback by the end of the month. These habits put me in a position where I had credit good enough to finance a brand new car. I’m glad that I never signed the paperwork after going to the dealership the first time I considered replacing my old SUV. The next few months were a total nightmare. I lost my job and instantly got behind on credit card payments. I was using all of my lines of credit to purchase groceries and pay my utility bills. By the time I got back on my feet, my credit had plummeted to 500 and I was not able to pay off all of my debt, let alone apply for any additional lines of credit. But I was making more money and wanted to buy a tiny bit of audio equipment to start making videos to post on the internet. I have a camp and hiking hobby that I hope to share with the world via weekly videos of me in the outdoors. My hope is that it will provide me with enough additional income to stay afloat. The problem though is that most of this audio and camera equipment is not cheap. Thankfully, there are two companies on the internet that offer interest free payment plans without credit checks. All you do is sign an agreement to pay the company monthly until the debt is gone and it’s as if you simply gave them a single payment, since it has no effect on your credit rating.

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