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Changing up my workouts to avoid injury

When I first got determined to get into better shape, I went for a run.

In the beginning, I had hardly any stamina.

I would jog for a few minutes and then need to slow down until I caught my breath. I gradually built up stamina and lengthened the duration and sped up the pace of my runs. Noticing the improvements in my body, I became further motivated to run further and faster. I quickly got to the point where I was running around ten miles every evening. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy a decent pair of running shoes. My sneakers weren’t of good quality plus and weren’t kind of old and worn out. I soon started to have major issues with my feet. I developed plantar fasciitis and difficulty even walking. There was severe pain with every step, and I had a hard time sleeping at night. The sensation was as if the bottom of my feet were ripping open from toes to the heel. I went to see a podiatrist who gave me inserts for my shoes. These inserts support the arch of my foot and have proven super helpful. She also suggested that I ice my feet regularly, take Ibuprofen for the pain and focus a lot more time on proper stretching and warm up techniques. I invested in a highly rated pair of running shoes and after some research, incorporated correct warm up procedures. I no longer just tie my laces head out on a run. I make sure to warm up my joints and muscles by circling my ankles, flexing my feet, rising up onto the balls of my feet and performing a series of squats and lunges. I get started with a rapid walk and work up speed gradually. I only run a couple times per week, allowing my muscles to rest in between. I’ve incorporated other styles of workouts that allow my feet, ankles plus knees to recover. I now ride my bike, kayak, jump rope, lift weights and complete a lot of ab crunches. I enjoy mixing up my workout routine and have noticed and felt an improvement in my strength, stamina and flexibility.


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