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Couples fitness class ends up with just me going

I am no longer excited for the trip to Aruba with Tim

A couple of months ago ago, my boyfriend Tim and I signed up for a couples fitness class. We’d planned a trip to Aruba and hoped to complete several very gruelling hikes. Determined to get the most out of our vacation, we thought it best to get in better shape beforehand. During the week prior to the first fitness class, I started heading out for light jogs around the park every night. I took the time to stretch and work on my flexibility. I even made some changes to my regular diet. I asked Tim to participate in my efforts to prepare for the class, but he said he was just too busy. The initial couples training session was super demanding. The instructor was really nice, welcoming and knowledgeable. She encourages us to give our everything. She didn’t let anyone get away with anything less than 100 percent effort the whole time. By the conclusion of it, we were all red-faced, sweaty and exhausted. While I was slightly sore the following morning, Tim had trouble getting out of bed. When it was time to go to the second session, Tim begged off because he had a meeting for work. I knew he was making an excuse to get out of taking the class. After that, I started taking the couples fitness classes alone. It is a little awkward at times, since we did a lot of partner workout strategies. Fortunately, the instructor has been willing to step in and partner with me. I am no longer excited for the trip to Aruba with Tim. He’s in horrible physical shape, and won’t be able to handle the hikes that we’ve already paid for. I am unwilling to sit at the hotel because he’s out of shape.
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