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Getting a great workout out in the swimming pool

I’ve realized that working out in a swimming pool is a really fantastic way to get in shape.

I’ve managed to gain significant results in a very short period of time.

Unlike physical activity on dry land, the water offers a natural resistance and no gravity. It requires the muscles to do more work, and yet I don’t feel like I’m overly taxing myself. The workout is enjoyable. My muscles perform more work. Even though my heart rate remains lower during aerobic exercises in the pool than on land, I’m getting equal cardiovascular benefits. I always believed that exercising in water meant strictly swimming laps. I’ve seen that there are special shoes just for pool walking, and buoyancy belts and vests to assist with deep-water running. Pool exercise works to build strength. Even the basic exercises, such as walking in waist-high water, incorporates the core muscles of the abdomen. It takes balance, demands flexibility and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Pool workouts are wonderful for burning calories, trimming fat and getting rid of excess weight at the same rate as working out on land. There’s the added bonus of dipping in the swimming pool on a hot day. That is a pleasure. It is so refreshing. The water soothes and massages with gentle pressure while it works to strengthen. There’s no hard impact to stress joints or cause injury. I wear water shoes to keep my feet from becoming sore or scraped raw by the bottom of the pool. I play good music real loud to get motivated and make the workout more upbeat. I repeat the same movements I’d do on land, just in the water, such as walking, jumping, kicking and running. Simply walking in the water is more strenuous and requires more effort. I spend about half the workout in the shallow end. I try to increase my pace for every exercise. I then move to the deep end of the pool and try various movements while treading water.

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