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My buddy is always talking about ways to save the planet

I have a good buddy who is kind of a hippie.

He’s always going to these music festivals and talking about how we need to save the planet and have world peace.

That’s just where his mind is at, but I can’t say that he is wrong for thinking that way. He always talks about how we need to focus on saving the planet instead of killing it. He says we are regularly killing the planet by putting all this pollution into the environment. He says we could change things by driving our gas guzzling cars less. He says ideally, we should use cars that don’t pollute the environment like electric cars. He also talks about the type of HVAC systems we should be using. He said why not invest in a good geothermal HVAC system that utilizes the heating energy of the earth to warm or cool down our homes. I definitely feel where he’s coming from, but honestly geothermal HVAC systems and electric cars are terribly expensive. He told me that it’s true these things are expensive, but they are also highly energy efficient and they are worth the investment. I really can’t argue with the man, but I still don’t think I will ever be able to afford a geothermal HVAC system anytime soon. He said I would be surprised at how much money I could save if I really put my mind into it. He said anybody can do anything that they put their mind to, and I of course have heard that many times before.

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