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My crush on the fitness trainer isn’t going anywhere

I have an enormous crush on one of the fitness instructors at the local gym.

  • I’ve been a member at this same gym for the last five years.

I spotted Charlie on the very first day, and I’ve been infatuated with him since then. He is the perfect motivator to keep me in shape. I’m always excited to spend time at the gym, and I devote hours working out there. I work especially hard, hoping he’ll notice me. Because of Charlie, I’ve dropped a great deal of weight, toned my muscles and have achieved the best shape of my life. I join every class that he teaches. I am not a fan of cycling, but when Charlie offered a spin class, I signed right up and was eager to get started. I selected the bike in the center of the front row and showed up early to every class. When Charlie offered a body builder’s weightlifting class, I enrolled in that one as well. It was just me and eight gigantic men, but I never missed a session. It’s too bad that every time Charlie sees me, I’m wearing workout clothes, have no makeup on and my hair in a ponytail. I take my workouts seriously. I refuse to compromise my progress by dressing to impress him. I also make sure to get the most out of every training session, so I always end up soaking wet with sweat, breathing hard and plus red-faced when Charlie sees me. Sometimes, I catch him as we’re both leaving the gym. I’m from the shower with wet hair. At least, Charlie knows my name and smiles when she sees me. We’ve started to chat before class and go over our fitness goals.

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