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Proactive behavior leads to HVAC savings

The check I just wrote to the electric company is shameful.

And, it hurt.

Putting that check in the mail was like taking a soccer ball to the face. As with everyone else, the pandemic has tightened our finances. That means I have added motivation to stop this needless overspending on HVAC utility costs. As much as I hated it, I simply paid the bill in the past and dealt with my own feelings about it. That seemed easier that forcing my family to face reality when it comes to how we use our HVAC. Our home is made in a region notorious for the heat during the summer. There is no doubt that HVAC cooling is a fundamental need during the summer months. However, that doesn’t mean that HVAC cooling should be taken for granted or wasted. My family does a lot of wasting in general and with the HVAC in particular. Door are left ajar and I am forever finding the sliding glass door open. And that’s in the heat of the day with the HVAC jamming. First, that is just stupid and second, I’m through paying for it. From here on out, I am putting the smart HVAC thermostat under lock and key. There will no longer be manual access to the thermostat by anyone but me and my wife. It just has to stop. I’ll buy some extra fans and everyone will just have to get used to a reasonable temperature inside when it’s nearly a hundred degrees outside everyday. The dumb HVAC behavior stops now.



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