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When traveling, get the best HVAC

My lovely wife and I like our lives better when there is some sense of adventure thrown in more often than not.

We don’t have kids so, we can pretty much do as we please there. Also, we are lucky enough to be in business together so our schedules are the same. On top of which, we can work it so we get a four day weekend about once per month. We’re not really the stay inside the HVAC comfort zone of the house type people. We very much like getting out to see what the world has to offer. We travel by air far less than in the past. The hassles, missed connections and the terrible HVAC on the plane just turned us both off in a big way. That’s why we like to put our gear in the back of the car and hit the road. I know the HVAC will be strong and consistent as we’re going down the road. That is something I can’t guarantee while flying. Plus, we love getting on the back roads and really having a look at where we are traveling. The only rule that we stick to is that we don’t travel more than 8 hours without stopping for the night. So, once we start getting close to that time, our eyes are scanning hotels and motels for the tell tale sign that we need. That sign would be the HVAC units that stick outside the rooms. You know, those big wall units. They are by far the best HVAC methods for consistency of comfort while traveling.

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