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Doing minor repairs and work around the house getting it ready for sale

When I was working on getting the house ready for sale with my wife, we had so much work to do.

Most of the work was just painting and getting things packed away in boxes and totes. When we had the real estate agent come over, she said that everything was looking good for the most part. I was worried about the HVAC system being too old, but she saw that it was in good working condition and we kept up with the HVAC system maintenance. The only things we had to do were minor things such as more decluttering in the basement, fixing a slight leak in the pipe from the kitchen sink, and retiling the floor in the back foyer. Everything was a breeze except for the foyer. It was a really hot day when I was working on pulling up the old tiling. Then I had to scrap all the adhesive that was on the floor which was a pain, but I was able to get it done. The foyer needed the tiles to be laid down and also needed new paint. We decided that we would paint first, but we had to keep the dog out of the foyer. We certainly didn’t want the dog tracking paint all over the house. The problem was, the foyer is not hooked up to the A/C system, so there are no HVAC vents in there. The only thing we could do was open up the window to hope for a bit of a breeze, but it was really hot inside while painting without any A/C. I was happy when that was done. So then I finished laying down the tiles and then we were good to go!


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