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Getting fit after accident

My brother and I were on our way to a football game when a truck swerved into our lane.

We ended up smashing into a guardrail.

My brother was hurt quite badly. I broke my one leg and fractured the ankle of the other. My brother still has issues with pain in his back and neck. My broken leg took several months to heal. After the cast was removed, I started visiting a health and rehabilitation center to work on regaining muscle mass. I had training sessions with a physical therapist three mornings per week. She showed me various exercises I could do at home to speed up the recovery time. I lost quite a bit of muscle because of that accident. While I was unable to use my muscles, they began to atrophy. The doctor assured me that this was normal. I was not happy by the limited range of motion in my leg. I had some problems with balance and the leg was super weak. I saw the specialist at the health plus rehabilitation center for six months. I worked out in my free time and pushed myself. I finally have full use of my leg again. I am now training for a local marathon. I am motivated to get my body in peak physical condition. I don’t ever want to feel that week and unhealthy again. It’s important to me to stay strong and continually increase stamina. I have now joined a gym and I work out six days per week. I meet with a personal trainer at least two days per week. I am now trying to convince my brother to start working out with me. I think that getting fit could reduce or even eliminate his neck and back pain.
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