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Had to fire sister from HVAC shop, too much drama

Several years ago when I opened my own business I wanted to use my new position in the community to help other people through hard times.

I knew that as a business owner I had the power to influence local government decisions and assist citizens with their financial shortcomings.

I have done everything in my power to be a positive force for this neighborhood and community. Recently, I even tried my best to be a positive influence on my own family. My sister has always had a rough time getting along. She’s not very well adapted or functional. I thought that maybe I could help her out by giving her some work at my heating, cooling, and ventilation repair dealership. If she could answer the phone, take HVAC client information, and dispatch my heating, cooling, and air quality control technicians appropriately, I would be happy to keep her permanently employed at the HVAC repair shop. I showed my sister the ropes of taking HVAC details and dispatching our highly-trained HVAC professionals. I genuinely thought that she was going to take the opportunity seriously and become a professional heating and cooling worker. In reality, my sister used her new job to create a ton of drama around the HVAC repair shop. Within two weeks all of my HVAC technicians were fighting with each other and our heating and cooling appointments were down 50%. Clearly, this experiment in HVAC dispatching wasn’t working. As much as I want to help everyone, my little heating and cooling repair shop can’t even keep my sister afloat.



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