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Having a broken A/C system in the school gym was unacceptable

I was really concerned for my son when I kept getting calls from the school about him becoming sick during gym class.

I thought that was strange because he was always healthy.

Even when I went to the school to pick him up, he seemed like he was alright. I asked him what had happened, and that’s when he explained that the gym was way too overheated. I then went to the gym to see what it was like in there, and sure enough it really was overheated. It seemed like they didn’t even have the air conditioning working inside of there! I had a talk with the gym teacher and asked him why they didn’t have air conditioning in the gym. The gym teacher said he made requests to the principal on numerous occasions to have the cooling system fixed, but nothing was ever done about the cooling system. Unfortunately, my son is more sensitive to the temperature control settings than most others, and that’s why he was getting sick during gym class. He can’t run around in too much heat for very long without feeling winded. That’s when I had a talk with the principal and asked him why in the world he didn’t have the cooling system fixed in the gym. The principal was making all kinds of excuses about the school budget. I thought it was all ridiculous because we paid a lot of taxes for the school district, and the least they could do was have a comfortable environment for the students! When I said I was going to get my lawyer involved, that’s when the principal said he would take care of it. Next thing I knew, the A/C system in the school gym was working again.


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