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Having hotel gym all to myself

I need to work and have an income during the health pandemic. My company has been absolutely wonderful about accommodations during this time. I travel frequently for work. I am continually on planes and in rental cars. My coverage area has now been reduced, so I am able to drive to the various locations. The company leased a car for six months, so I do not have to use my own vehicle. I was out of the state for work last week and stayed in a super nice hotel. The accommodations had really good customer reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. Although they didn’t have their dining room open, they offered free room delivery from a limited menu. The hotel featured a fitness center and spa services. The spa area was huge. I needed an appointment to use the fitness center because of limited occupancy regulations. I was able to book a one hour block of time for myself. The equipment was sprayed with sanitizer between each session. I liked having the gym to myself. I didn’t need to wait to use any of the machines. Instead of wearing headphones, I blasted my music. I wasn’t self conscious about the different styles of exercises I like to do. I took my time warming up and got in an extra good stretch. I ran on the treadmill, used the elliptical and pedaled the stationary bike. I lifted weights and even did some handstand push ups against the wall. I’ve never had access to so much equipment without sharing it with other people. I definitely could get used to having a home gym with such a wide array of fitness gear.


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