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Hoping to keep fitness center open

A lot of businesses are going under due to the coronavirus, quarantine, and social distancing requirements and laws.

  • I would like to avoid being one of those businesses.

I am looking for new ways to encourage sales. As the owner of a small health and fitness center, I depend on all of my business from local people. The health and fitness center is a relatively small building and are only allowed to have a maximum of 15 people working out at a time when we open back up next week. I have come up with a lot of different ideas during my time in quarantine. While I was kept home from the fitness center, I worked on various ideas to earn extra money. I used my stimulus check to invest in vitamins and nutritional supplements. I found these items at a Health Food Warehome and I was able to buy in bulk at wholesale prices. I am planning to start offering these vitamins and nutritional supplements at the fitness center. I am hopeful this added revenue will keep my business operational during this difficult time. I have already seen several other local businesses shut the doors permanently since the beginning of March. There’s empty buildings on either side of mine. It’s a challenge to pay the water, electric and gas bill as well as rent when we can only operate at partial capacity. The local restaurants and bars are permitted to offer takeout service and delivery. I am sure those businesses are still suffering, but they have remained open.


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