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I am mad at the owner of the HVAC company

I am incredibly angry with the owner of the HVAC company.

I could not believe that the owner of the HVAC company treated me like that.

I hope that not all owners of the HVAC company treat their HVAC technicians like that. If that is the case, then maybe I am not cut out to be an HVAC technician. The owner of the HVAC company was easily the worst guy that I have ever met. I don’t even know how he still owns an HVAC company. I can’t believe that there are HVAC technicians that willingly work for him even though they know how he acts. The owner of the HVAC company literally lives to make other people fail. He loves making the HVAC technicians that work for him look stupid. I have literally never seen anyone else act like this HVAC technician. He would specifically assign his HVAC technicians with tasks that were hard to do. He would assign me tasks that he knew that I did not know how to do. He didn’t do it with the intention of helping me to become a better HVAC technician. The owner of the HVAC company would do this so that when you failed, he would be able to yell at you. He would perform the repair himself and then belittle the HVAC technicians for failing at something that he knew that they would fail at. I only put up with this behavior for a few months before I decided to quit my job with the HVAC company. I was glad when he fired me instead of letting me give notice of leaving. I didn’t want to work for the HVAC company any longer.

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