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I assume the worst part about being an HVAC tech the holidays

My hubby is an HVAC service pro and he has been ever since we first got wed.

I’m blissful that he has a superb work ethic, with a job he enjoys, and he’s also able to support our family pretty comfortably with the currency that he makes from his work.

He is undoubtedly quite killed with each kind of heating and cooling systems and he’s superb at dealing with customers. I consistently am telling him that if he ever gets sick of undoubtedly working in the HVAC industry, he should just get work in the client service business; Customers just love him. It’s funny, however a lot of days people will call in with their air conditioning or gas furnace service complications and they will specifically request our hubby by name to come and do their HVAC work for them. The other men at the HVAC supplier shop make fun of him sometimes for being so popular with the girls, however it doesn’t affect me. I assume that it’s just because he’s so friendly and personable. I do have to reveal that I hate the fact that he has to work on so several holidays, though. It seems like he’s out there doing HVAC work nearly every other holiday, and that kind of gets old. I assume that when he gets some more seniority at the dealer, he will be able to choose more of his own hours so that will be amazing, then for now, though, we have to method most of our holiday celebrations on bizarre afternoons just so that he will be able to be beach house with us to celebrate.


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