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I have been noticing a odd aroma every time our AC comes on

Every single time our central air conditioning component kicks on lately, we have all been noticing a foul, musty aroma that starts drifting out of the air vents.

It’s not exactly a disgusting aroma like a sewage leak or a rotting pet or anything like that, so I’m not afraid of a leak or something that had died in our ventilation ducts, but still, you don’t want to dread having your air conditioning component come on because you know how bad the whole house is going to aroma within a matter of hours, either.

I did a little test just to see if maybe there was something wrong with our dingy old air filters. I wondered if maybe I had just waited too long to change them and they were starting to aroma foul or something, so I bought some new HEPA filters and updated our old air filters with these; At first, the aroma seemed to be a little better. But then we realized that it was because of the superior quality of the HEPA filter itself, not because the source of the aroma was gone. I finally had to give up and called our local HVAC supplier to have them come out and do all the HVAC duct cleaning for me; They showed up for the appointment with their special HVAC duct cleaning equipment and got straight to work. They found a couple of cracks and leaks as they were removing the debris, dander and dust. The HVAC specialist informed myself and others when if you have cracks and leaks, that sometimes mold or mildew may build up inside the HVAC ductwork and cause bizarre aromas. They finished the HVAC duct cleaning and since then, I haven’t noticed any additional bizarre aromas at all. As a matter of fact, I assume that our indoor air pollen levels are much lower now.
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