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I hold a lot of bitterness against the HVAC company

I hold a lot of bitterness against the HVAC company because of how they treated my husband.

I really do not like the owner of the HVAC company.

I do not understand why the owner of the HVAC company treated my husband like that. My husband worked as an HVAC technician for the HVAC company for a long time. When he first graduated from college as an HVAC technician, he immediately began his job as an HVAC technician with that HVAC company. He was very loyal to the HVAC company. Sure, the HVAC company did not pay a well or offer as many benefits, but my husband worked faithfully for that HVAC company. However, when I had major surgery, my husband asked for a week off for the HVAC company. My husband had already taken his vacation, but there was nothing that he could do. The surgery that I was having was an emergency and came out of nowhere. I thought that the HVAC company would understand. My husband worked for a long time there as an HVAC technician and had been there for a long time. I figured that the owner of the HVAC company would offer a little more sympathy. Instead, the owner of the HVAC company threatened to fire him if he didn’t come to work. Sadly, my husband had to quit his job with the HVAC company, and they wouldn’t even consider hiring him back. He has a new job with a new HVAC company, but I still do not like the HVAC company that he worked for. I can’t believe that they did that.


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