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I was able to help an HVAC service tech the other day

The other day when I was heading my way to the house, I saw a large truck pulled over on the side of the road with its emergency flashers on.

When I got up closer to the truck, I saw that it was 1 of those large HVAC service trucks. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be a truck from our own neighborhood HVAC dealer. When I pulled in next to it on the side of the road, I saw that the HVAC service tech was the same 1 that had been at our house undoubtedly working on our air conditioning plan the very month before. He recognized myself and others too and we talked for a bit about his truck issues and how he had a garage on the way to try and repair the complication in the truck. However, it turned out the air conditioning inside his truck wasn’t running either, and it was undoubtedly an overheated day. The weather was freakishly overheated all week long, and that day I assume that the temperature was anywhere in the high nineties. He was laying there perspiring his head off in that non air-conditioned truck cab, and who knew how long it would take the garage to get there to do some work on the truck for him? I asked him if he wanted to come wait it out in the air conditioning in our vehicle instead and he was so grateful! The two of us sat and talked for a during the A/C and by the time the garage finally arrived at the HVAC truck, we were just like old friends. He even gifted myself and others a coupon for a free air conditioning plan tune-up.



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