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I was quick to buy some window A/C units when I heard there would be a heatwave

When I saw on the news that there was going to be a heatwave coming through our area, I didn’t want to take any chances. I decided to run to the store and go looking for window A/C units so that we would have backup cooling machines in our home. I was able to find a bunch of them, and they were even on sale! I was happy to fill my cart full of window A/C units. I guessed that nobody else realized that we were about to be facing a heatwave because it seemed that nobody else was trying to buy the window A/C units. I also contacted the HVAC company to see about getting the cooling system looked at to make sure everything was working great, but the HVAC companies were already backed up. I was glad that I purchased those window A/C units because our cooling system ended up dying in the middle of the heatwave. Fortunately, we were able to remain cool with the window A/C units, and I did already book an appointment to have the central A/C worked on. The good news is that the window A/C units kept us cool during the heatwave. The bad news is that it took until after the heatwave was over to get our central A/C system back up and running. I’m at least glad that I invested in those window A/C units, and I will keep them in the garage as back up cooling units for the central A/C system.