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I was wrong about the time of the eclipse and I was outside freezing for nothing

It wasn’t all that long ago when we heard that there was going to be a lunar eclipse. So we went out there and relaxed on our chairs just waiting for the eclipse to happen. After awhile, I figured that we must have gotten the wrong time for the eclipse because there was no eclipse at all! It was freezing outside too. I didn’t even grab my jacket because I didn’t want to miss the event, but I certainly regretted that decision. Finally after about an hour of freezing outside with my kids, we all decided to run back inside the house to the warmth of the heating system. I even adjusted the thermostat when I got in so that the heating system would engage and provide even more heat. Then I took a hot shower and when I felt like it was warm enough, that’s when I turned the thermostat back to our regular temperature control settings. I was telling my wife how disappointing the situation was with the lunar eclipse. That’s when she told me that I got the wrong date, that the lunar eclipse wasn’t supposed to happen until the following night. I couldn’t believe it when she told me this. I felt very foolish for rushing out there to see this thing that wasn’t even supposed to happen yet, and without a jacket! Well, the next evening I was ready for it, and I made sure I had my jacket on and the temperature control settings were just right for when we got back inside the house. It was a glorious eclipse!

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