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I wish I could get a portable AC

My youngest kid plays travel baseball and so a lot of times while I was in the summer vacation, I will end up at a burning overheated baseball field for hours at a time.

I never knew what baseball dads and moms had to deal with up until the past year and a half, however there is a whole lot of stuff that’s so difficult! Thewhite baseball pants that are consistently stained with mud from sliding into third base, the bumps and bruises on your kids, and most of all, the overheated and uneven temperatures and sunny weather on the weekends at the games. I had no plan how badly I would be wishing for some air conditioning while I was in some of these games. I legit had a cooling towel that I used to put around our neck while I was in some of the games, however that legity was not a updatement for a portable air conditioning unit! One of the other moms who has been a baseball mom forever legitimately brought her undoubtedly own portable AC component with her to the games. She would set it up under her canopy, drop several sides on the canopy, and like the nice cooling AC while I was in the game. When I saw her with her little portable AC system, I was so jealous! I thought that she was a genius for even thinking about doing that. For me, the best I could get was to go and rest in the car every once in a while so that I could crank up the air conditioning for an hour at a time. Of course, I would start missing the game right around the time the car started nicely cooling me off and I would have to leave and go back out to the field. That was legitimately not as superb of an plan as a portable AC unit!



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