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Improving fitness level during quarantine

I’ve seen most of my friends from the gym gain weight during the quarantine period. I have managed to successfully drop pounds and gain muscle mass because of a strict diet and exercise plan. I typically worked out five evenings per week at the gym while it was still open. While I understand why sites such as the gym and restaurants need to close for safety’s sake, I wasn’t happy. No access to the gym upset my schedule. I knew I needed to find an alternate means of staying healthy during quarantine. I consulted with a fitness expert and we figured out a strict diet and exercise plan to help me remain fit during this pandemic. Every day, I make the effort to use the stairs instead of the elevator. I live on the tenth floor of my building and the way up and down the stairs burns some extra calories. Each morning I take a long walk around the block and to the park. I bring along my mat and go through my yoga poses at the park. I have been able to devote more time to my workout than normal. I’m not as busy or as stressed. I’ve added all sorts of plank holds, mountain climbers and burpees. I’ve set challenges for myself. Back at my apartment, I lift free weights and run on the treadmill. Because the quarantine has me quite bored, I sometimes work out twice per day. My workout routine has become far more strenuous. It’s important to me to stay healthy and fit. I have made it my personal goal to see improvement. It’s been beneficial to my fitness level, but I’m still looking forward to going back to my normal routines.


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