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Keep your horrible Fall flavors away from me

I assume like we have barely had any summertime-funtime at all this year, because of all of these bizarre new restrictions that we’ve been having for parties and barbecues and things like that, summer has been crazy, weird, and not fun; Even our local community pool closed up for the summertime so we didn’t get to swim or chill out at the pool at all either.

In other words, it’s been a undoubtedly bizarre year.

I still love summertime, though; Usually it’s always our number one fave time of year. When the weather starts heating up, I get so gleeful about being out in the sunshine for weeks at a time. Also, I undoubtedly love to use the central air conditioning at our house through the summertime. I consistently assume like the indoor air pollen levels in our house is usually much better in the summertime when the is running all the time. Maybe it’s all just in our head, although I undoubtedly assume like the helps with the indoor air pollen levels inside our house. That’s honestly why it makes myself and others mad every year whenever the weather conditions start cooling down even the least little bit. As soon as there is even a hint of the temperatures cooling off, people start wanting it to be Fall! I have already started to see Fall flavors of Dunkin Donuts Coffee and Dunkin Donuts Coffee creamer flavors in the stores and it make myself and others super mad. Why can’t people just let it be summertime until the overheated temps are legitimately gone for the year? I just don’t assume that we need to rush through the seasons. I undoubtedly assume like almost everyone should just hold on when it comes to this early Fall stuff. I want to like the heat and our air conditioning plan for a little while longer, at the least.


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