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Like working next to AC; drowns out news

When my friends and family hear that I’ve been staying with my mom for over three months now, they all have the same reaction.

Jaws hit the floor.

I can’t blame people for being completely shocked that I’ve been able to stick it out in this environment for so long. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t exactly get along with my mother. In most cases, we’re at each other’s throats within 5 minutes of entering the same room. However, this time I have found effective ways to cope with our differences. I have been especially reliant on the central heating and cooling system to keep my head from exploding. If you have ever been stuck indoors in the middle of summer, you know how important air conditioning is. There’s no way that you can comfortably survive without using a central cooling system day in and day out. It’s impossible to sit down and work when you’re sweating through your shirt. It’s also miserable to try to sleep without air conditioning removing the heat and humidity from your room. Now, I realized that there’s another reason why indoor air temperature control has been absolutely critical in my long visit. Without the air conditioning system humming away in the background while I work, I would have to hear my mother’s daily shenanigans. Speciality, this cooling system saves me from the chaos of her daily media consumption. Thanks to this AC unit, I can drown out the sound of her listening to the news and yelling at the TV.

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