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My wife went behind my back and opened up a bunch of credit cards

I was alarmed when I saw some of the bills that came in the mail.

They were credit card bills, and ones that I didn’t even know my wife had.

It turned out that she opened up a few credit cards, and she had been spending a lot of money that I didn’t know about. She maxed out all of these credit cards, and she was struggling just to keep up with the payments. I was really upset about her doing this without my knowledge, but I said we had to work to pay off these bills. It was stressful to me especially because we needed to upgrade our HVAC system. I thought we were saving up money, not spending it all. So this year, instead of focusing on getting the new HVAC system upgrade, we unfortunately will have to just pay off these outrageous credit card bills. I told her to just cut up the credit cards and quit using them altogether. I said I would help her pay off all the credit cards, and then we could start saving money for a new HVAC system in a year or so. I wish we could have gotten the new HVAC so that we would have something more energy efficient, but we’re just going to have to get it repaired and keep using it until we can afford the upgrade. The energy bills have been rising a great deal, and that really bothers me. I really hope that my wife doesn’t decide to open any more credit cards without my knowledge. If that happens, we might have to think about marriage counseling or even worse, getting a divorce.


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